Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder
Until today 2021, science still unable to explain how Frozen Shoulder happens.
but, BenphysioTM does.
Because we know how it happens, so we know how to reverse the Frozen Shoulder.

In our clinical experience,
Frozen Shoulder usually takes 3-4months,
(20-30 manual physiotherapy sessions) with outcome at least 70%.

Means, by then, you will have
70% or more full range
forward lift & backward lift.
Of course, by then, the pain has reduced to almost 100%.


Since we know how the frozen shoulder happen,
1st, we will start releasing all the surrounding muscles.

Then we will manually
releasing the scarring on the joint capsule.
The process could be a little pain, as we are breaking the old scars on the capsule.
Capsule is the non chewable whitish-colour structure at the end of the bone when we eat chicken drumstick.

Next, we start to mobilize
the ball
against the socket joint.
WE promise at least 70% better for all our frozen shoulder.

 I have Frozen Shoulder when
I cant turn my ARM outward
I cant lift up my ARM high
I cant hook my bra from behind

I cant Touch N Go or reach parking tickets
I have Pain at night when sleep
I cant sleep on pain side

I feel ''catch'' during certain movements
I can't hold the arm in certain position long
Neck & shoulder tired very quickly


frozen shoulder patient will have pain / numb / discomfort
at the behind of the shoulder joint
sometimes to the elbow, thumb, index fingers

Q: Not sure if having Frozen Shoulder or normal shoulder pain?
A: Both shoulder conditions has almost same symptoms, especially when it newly happen.

Q: My MRI of Frozen Shoulder also showing Rotator Cuff tear.
A: That explains that Frozen Shoulder patients normally has past history of shoulder problem.

Q: Should I take anti-inflammatory drugs?
A: Inflammation management is crucial during Stage 1 Frozen Shoulder (Freezing Stage).
Anti-inflammatory drugs help to reduce the inflammation & pain, especially night pain!!

Do we know if we compensate?
WON'T!! Only people besides you can tell you.

Prolong compensatory movement due to shoulder pain,
will leads to Frozen Shoulder in future!!

Frozen Shoulder is Compensatory Movement after prolong Shoulder Pain.

Very often, we found that,
whenever someone comes to seek treatment for frozen shoulder,
they do already had some shoulder pain prior to his attack.


10 Sep 2021