Migraine / Headache, It is treatable.

Migraine / Headache, It is treatable.

What is ''Migraine'?

Chronic disease with recurrent attacks of headaches,
often associated with nausea and increased sensitivity to external stimuli.
Headache intensity can be moderate to severe,
with various durations (from hours to several days)
More common among women than men,
occurring mainly during their productive and reproductive phases
(20 to 50 years old)
May begin from childhood or adolescence
and can remain with the patient
for the whole life.

How do I know if it is Migraine?


One sided/Both sided

Pulsatile/Non pulsatile

Photophobia (Fear of light)

Phonophobia (Fear of loud noises)


Family history

Fasting 6-8 hrs as a trigger factor

Aggravation on physical activity

Brain tumour


Some common triger factors of migrane may include..

(internal, external, work, family, personal)

(excessive caffeine consumption, alcohol intake, poor diet)
Lack of sleep
Hormonal factors in women
(higher oestrogen level)


Poor posture


What can I do about it?

....or better yet, make an appointment with us! 

A physiotherapist will assess and help you understand your condition better,
And help you 

Improve your quality of life.


10 Sep 2021