Spine Disorders

Spine Disorders
Sciatica / Low Back Pain / Piriformis Pain / Hamstring Tight
  • Low back pain, can be centralised, or one sided
  • Pain runs down to one leg (either front thigh, side of the thigh, or behind the thigh) (Shown in
  • Pain in deep buttock (sitting bone)
  • Leg(s) cramp / tight
Often associated with “slipped disc”, “bone spur”, ''spondylosis'', ''hamstring strain'', ''piriformis syndrome'', etc. In Ben Physio, we do not look at 'slipped disc', 'spondylosis', 'bone spur' as your problem(s). 
Also, often related to piriformis syndrome, a typical pain near to sitting bone. (See picture above) Sometimes, the pain does run downwards as well.
We only diagnosed as Sciatica if the symptom runs down at the middle of the back thigh. Vice versa, they are not sciatica.
B.E.N.PHYSIO says:
We use biomechanical approach to explain the mechanism of nerve impingement, slipped disc, bone spur formation, hamstring / piriformis syndrome. Patient can comprehend easier their problem, and able to self-help whenever the pain attacks.
Do not sit too straight at desk.

Strained / Sprained back
  • Aching / nagging pain / soreness at lower back
  • Pain can be at the centre
  • Difficult to turn on the bed
  • Unable to bend / straighten / move the back
  • Coughing makes back pain worse
It is often misunderstood as lumbar sprain / strain where pain medication or injection with rest is the only way to relieve the pain or ‘inflammation’.
B.E.N.PHYSIO says:
There are predisposing factors that make this lumbar strain / sprain more likely to happen and recur. It is always related to one’s posture, predominance of movement pattern which lead to muscle cramp at the back.
We analyse and identify the mechanism and root cause of this problem to treat and prevent the recurrence.

Scoliosis / Crooked Spine
  • Different shoulder / hip level
  • Visible one-sided hump at the shoulder blade / back
  • Prominent rib on one side
  • Head shifted to one side
  • Pain on neck / shoulder / back / buttock
  • Severe cases can have breathing problems
It is more commonly occurred in female during childhood and adolescence. However, it happens in other age groups and male too. It can only be treated by wearing braces or surgery.
B.E.N.PHYSIO says:
Scoliosis is a three-dimensional bio-mechanical deformity that happens in three planes of the spine. We use our diagnostic system to explain and treat the deviation in accordance to body ache, dominance and compensation.
Reduction of the curvature and prevention of further worsening are our concern.

17 Sep 2021