Physiotherapy vs Chiropractor

Physiotherapy vs Chiropractor

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Physical therapy (also known as physiotherapy) and chiropractic care have some similarities.
Both disciplines treat and reduce the pain and stiffness in your body, and help you to retun to work and games. Both are practiced by specific licensed professional bodies with years of education in the sciences.
But their approaches can be slightly different.
In this sharing, let's take a closer look at these two disciplines, how they differ, what benefits they offer, and how to choose between the two if you have pain, joint stiffness, or difficulty moving.

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is defined as professional that provides therapy for betterness and recovery of body via physical agents / modalities, such as ice pack, hotpack, exercises, soft tissue manipulation, mobilisations, ultrassound, traction, as well as the latest dry needle technique.

Benphysio specialised in hands-on technique, also known as soft tissue manipulation (STM), or myofascial release (MFR) to loosen the stiff soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and scars. Via this technique, we can effectively loosen the knoted muscles, as well as release the tension of the stiff tissues. Joint mobilisation will be performed after tissues has achieved a certain level of loosening effects to mobilised the stiffen joint.

Unlike Chiro, they manipulates spine and joints as priority treatment in order to loosen the stiffen joints. Manipulations are done quick enough, before the msucles that locked the joints sensed and contract to protect the joints.

Physiotherapy looks into movement, the quality of movements as objective assessment to indicate the progressiveness of the patients. Physiotherapy also treats stroke patients, parkinson patients, heart Bypass patients, etc.

In Malaysia, physiotherapy is not labelled or called or addressed as “Doctor” as in accordance to Malaysia’s MOH regulations, “doctor” only given to those who are Medicine Doctor, MBBS, Dentist, Veterinary, and Doctorate PHD. In Malaysia, physiotherapy is regulated by MoH under Private Health Act 2022, registere under Malaysia Physiotherapy Association (MPA).   

Malaysian Physiotherapy Association - MPA

In Benphysio, we also has our very own in-house knowledge to inherit to our junior physios, so that they can continue the new philosophy in treating their patients. Currenly benphysio has 4 outlets in Puchong, Damansara, Bangsar and KL Ampang.


18 Jul 2023