Shoppers Stretch

Shoppers Stretch
Stretching for Shoppers

Like to shop or travel? But pain limits you? Stretch it out! To have a pain-free shopping / travel experience!!
Why shoppers / travellers need stretching? Because BEN PHYSIO knows you!! You are going to walk for long distance without pause. 
''Stretching'' is not meant for exercises or sports only. Everyone needs to stretch to cater different functions, like shopping......


Back  stretch
Sitting Position :
Find a chair / bench, sit down, bend your body forward and relax.
Hold for 10 sec 
  • To relieve back ache after long standing / walking / high heel
  • Can do anytime / anywhere

Rounded Shoulder stretch
Sitting / Standing / Walking position:
Grasp hands behind your body, and squeeze both shoulder blades together.
Hold for 10 sec
  • To relieve your rounded shoulders after long-bag-carrying
  • Can do this while walking and no one will realize you're doing a stretching

Calf stretch (2 ways)
Do it before cramp happens!!


Standing Position
​Stand at edge of stairs / escalator with half of foot, then lower down your heel until you feel gentle stretch at calf.
Hold for 10 sec
Can do anytime at ramps or stairs/ escalator after long walking / high heel
Standing Position against Handrail / Wall
Step a big step forward (non-stretch leg) and bend your front knee forward, should feel good stretch at back calf
Hold for 10 sec
Hold against a wall / handrail for more stability
Can do in fitting room or washroom

High heel users
Long walking / shopping / travellers
Heel Pain (Plantar fascitis)
​Avoid cramp at night, especially pregnant mums and elderly

08 Apr 2021