Stretching For Runners

Stretching For Runners
Quick question: Can you see what's wrong with the running technique of the runner in the picture above?
It has been so exciting that getting more and more marathon / Iron man / Power man events being organised in Malaysia.
How would you know that you are warming up your body correctly before & after the game?
Do you know why, why, why it is so, so, so important to stretch your muscles before and after the run? What will happen in long term if you do not stretch after games? 
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Deep Hip Flexor (Psoas) & Upper Thigh stretch
Position like the picture, lean your body forward.
You should feel gentle stretch at upper right thigh.
Hold for 10secs, or more. 
Then repeat with another leg. Put a towel under the knee for better cushioning.

Quadricep / Thigh strech
Position like the picture, pull your ankle towards your buttock. You should feel gentle-nice pulling over the front thigh.
Hold for 10 secs, or more. 
​Gently draw the knee backward to get more stretch feeling.
Do Not arch your back during this stretching.

Calf stretch (2 ways)
Do it before cramp happens!!

Standing position agianst Tree / Wall / car, etc
Step a big step forward (non-stretch leg) and bend your front knee forward, should feel good stretch at back calf
Hold for 10 sec or more
  • Hold against a wall / tree / car for more stability

Standing position
Stand at edge of stairs / kerbs with half of foot, then lower down your heel until you feel gentle stretch at calf.
Hold for 10 sec or more
  • Can do anytime at ramps or stairs if cramp happens
Last, but not least, relax your back with simple stretches...


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08 Apr 2021