Know more about A WOMAN

Know more about A WOMAN
- Evolusion of woman: Teenage girl, lady, wife, mummy, grandnanny… -
by Founder, Ben

There are many teen-aged girls suffer migraine and back pain, especially during their monthly menses. The only answers they were given: bear with it ya, my dear, it will be alright few days later..
Teen-age: Why do I need to suffer all these incurable pain? 12 times a year. For unknown years..
Well, years later, they turn into husband’s wife, getting into pregnancy to build their be-loved family, with 2,3,4 charming kids. 
Pregnancy-life : I love my baby. I cannot take medicine even I suffered with pain because medication may harm my baby.
However, the pregnancy journey, perhaps, really frightened them. Low back pain during 2nd & 3rd trimester, until unable to sit on chair, can only lie down on bed until delivery term. Finally, baby is safely delivered.
Mother & wife-life : Why more pain and ache are looking for me? Is that what I suppose to have when I am a mother and wife?
Besides, thumb pain that happened during lactating  (de-Quarvain) is really killing. No medication. No injection. Have to move thumb(s) in pain. Restless nights. Who knows?
During lactating period, hunch/upper back area starts to ache. Luckily, dear husband is there to help to have a quick rub on it, so sweet.. However, again, the ache never goes away throughout the process of lactating. On top of that, the distended breasts are annoying too. Due to baby-carrying, left neck may starts to ache or sore, especially in the morning, making difficult to turn the neck to same side during daily activities. Luckily, the symptoms subside after the day 1 or 2. If it worsens, left arm may feel numb, some may also feel chest pain and difficult to breathe. Scaringly, it’s could be heart problem’s sign & symptoms.

Mummy’s life are always busy, running around clocks with the kids, husband, family, in-laws. With the killing home works, mum starts to feel difficulty hooking  the bra from behind, unable to stretch the arm out the car windows to touch N Go, unable to reach high in the kitchen cabinets. Gradually, restless nights attack, this round not the thumb, but the shoulders, do not know where to put the arms in sleep. With the condition persists, the ear may start to ring, or periodical headache starts to come in, together with jaw ache in the face.
Pheww.. Somehow, ladies always manage to find time for themselves. They engaged in Golf, cooking, window shopping. However, some physical disorders may disturb their game performance too. Golfer elbow, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger etc.
Woman loses Calcium faster than man. Because of their sacrifice to pregnancy & lactating, they loose their calcium to newborn generations. Osteoporosis starts to kick in. Back pain & knee cracking/pain become their routine visiting relatives. Sometimes, also found out that they are getting hunch throughtout their aging process.
Thank you to ALL WOMAN who has make the world so great with your sacrifices. Let’s find solutions for yourself!

BUT, Do you know that you do not need to silent your pain during pregnancy period and also life of mother ?
Back pain is a very common at any point of your pregnancy, even though after delivery and during lactating period. Prescription of medication is so limited to ease their discomfort. Manual therapy technique is safe and effective to be applied onto pregnant mother regardless any stages of pregnancy. Besides, manual therapy and some education from physiotherapist can help to relieve the problem that we mentioned above, such as thumb pain, neck pain , etc..
We help you to have better mother's life experience. The purpose of sharing this articles is to tell you that how bad is a mother's life ,but is to inform you that there are always way to let's you enjoy your life experience as a mother.

BENPHYSIO & Rehab are ready to help you. We able to provide physiotherapy services without causing harm to mother via manual therapy.

08 Apr 2021