Parkinson’s Disease – How BENPHYSIO help?

Parkinson’s Disease – How BENPHYSIO help?
What is Parkinson’s Disease?
A person with Parkinson’s Disease experiences several symptoms such as tremor, rigidity and other movement symptoms affecting the person’s daily life.

Here is some way that Physiotherapy could help a patient with Parkinson’s Disease:
Amplitude Training
A specific form of physical therapy that helps the patients to increase amplitude of movement. By making overexaggerated physical movements such as high steps and arm swings. This is a way to restrain the muscles and slow down the progression of hypokinesia ( the increasing shuffling movements that happens with Parkinson’s patients).
Reciprocal Patterns
Reciprocal movements are side-to-side and left-to-right patterns, such as swinging your arms along while you walk. Parkinson’s disease affects these patterns. By using a recumbent bicycle or elliptical machine, it may help to reinforce these reciprocal patterns. While on your own, you could practice walking and swinging your arm along.
Balance Work
Balance system could be affected by Parkinson’s disease which causes the patient to be unstable and may results in fear in public or crowded spaces. Gait training that aims to improve balance should be guided by a physical therapist, to work with you to understand any issues with balance.
Strength Training
As time goes by, your muscles naturally weaken. Strength training is vital for everyone especially to the patients with Parkinson’s disease. Resistance exercise with light dumbbells or a resistance band could help to strengthen you muscles gradually.

We explain and teach patients and carers about their medical conditions, the future outcome and expectation of recovery, and set the rehabilitation goal together with patients.
We train carers especially family members to assist patients to regain their fundamental bed mobility (get up and get out from bed, sit to stand) and walking ability (up and down stairs) through specific exercises.
For Parkinson patients, rehabilitation involve understanding of the progressive-deteriorates illness, the outcome, the strategies to maximize the daily function, as well as to synchronize the medication intake with daily lifestyle.
Do not hesitate to contact us. BENPHYSIO teaches strategy to overcome Parkinsonism.


07 May 2021