Stiff neck in the morning

Stiff neck in the morning
Stiff neck in the morning,
May present with pain,
May not.
Often comes with limited neck rotation

Stiff, but not pain,
Its not that bad yet..

BUT!!! Usually it is
Hinting that “problem” is coming

Neck Stiff + No Pain = muscle stiffness + fatigue / tired
Neck Stiff + Pain = Spasm / Cramp

For your info,
This is not the FIRST time
It also wont be the last time
This Neck pain will Reoccur

And, everytime the Neck Stiff,
It will gets more & more pain
It will gets longer & longer to recover
1st time it takes few hours to resolve
2nd time it takes 1 day to resolve
3rd time it takes few days to resolve...
it continues to buzz your day..

What is the cause of Neck Stiff?
Sleeping problem?
Pillow not correct?
Wet Pillow?

For Neck Stiff cases,
Often, we do advise
Contour pillow is good.
As it allows your shoulder to off weight
As it follows your neck conture in lying upward & sideway

I dont have Neck Stiffness
WELL!! Other symptoms are also related to Stiff neck
Ringing ears?
Jaw pain?
Jaw stuck?
Cannot open mouth?
Eye socket pain?

All symptoms mentioned above
are highly related to Neck Stiffness
Jaw Pain:

Few tips for you
1. Levator scapulae stretching - Right To The Point for Neck Stiffness

2. chest muscles stretching - suitable for rounded shoulders

3. Pectoralis minor stretch - suitable for Rounded shoulder with Foam Roller

4. Hunch Stretching - with Foam Roller


31 Jul 2021