Post Covid Physio Rehab

Post Covid Physio Rehab
The virus that causes Covid19
is in a family of viruses called Coronaviridae.

So do Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV)
Severe Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (SARS-CoV)

In ICU, besides Nurses & Doctors,
PHYSIOS are the profession you will see THE MOST,
Physios are there to help you to position the LUNGS
for maximum ventilation perfusion.

When you are awake,
Physios teach you
breathing exercise,
coughing method, ribs & upper extremities work out,
before you are transferred into Normal Ward.

Although you have been discharged from the hospital 🏨 or quarantine center,
you feel you already recovered.  

But actually, not completely!!
Sometime feel like
cannot take DEEP breath?
Cannot walk very
long distance. 
Walk slowly than Ah Ma due to
breathless, tercungap cungap.
Breathing well, but feel
NO AIR going inside the lungs?
Wanna run, but Breath
wheezingly, lungs are whistling 

Covid19 leaves our lungs NOT in maximum function.
scars our lungs, 
which explains why we are breathlessness, 
why we always feel fatigue / tired
why X-Ray got whitish whitish  

Your lungs need help!!! 
Who can help your lungs?

In ICU, ventilators help expand your lungs by Positive Pressure.
Now, you can
breath yourself.
SO, you need to learn how to create Positive pressure to push into your lungs. 

BUT, if
overpush, you may pengsan
(too high oxygen, too low oxygen)

YOU NEED AN EXPERT to guide you. 

Our Physio-Incharge,
ONLINE / TelePhysio,
will teach you how to ''Physio Your Lungs''

However, before that, you need to prepare few things,
we call it
Covid Kit...
Which got Oxymeter, Spirometer, Exercise Band, Reference Physio Notes
Importantly, Internet!!! 

Yes. We are introducing this program to you
Covid19 Rehab,
aka Pulmonary Rehab (also covers your heart) 

Who SHOULD join?
Covid survivors, positive tested (at least 2 weeks from now) Discharged from Hospital / Quarantine centre 

Online / TelePhysio 

How to start? 
Once sign up for this program, we will send the necessary equipment to you. 

Anytime after you sign up 

What do you get?
Oximeter, Spirometer, EVOband, Borg's Scale, Documentation sheets, etc 

How long this program?
It will include 4sessions of TelePhysio (Include first checkup)  

How much this program?
Covid Kit + Postal + 4sessions = RM 200.00 (exclude sst)

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Credit to Our Senior Physiotherapist, TurkaDevi.

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31 Jul 2021