About Us

The evolution story of BENPHYSIOTM Rehab.....and BENPHYSIOTM Academy

It is never easy to replicate good practitioners.
Mindset, thoughts, experiences, feelings, are taken into account.
The purpose of having BENPHYSIOTM Academy is to Replicate Good Practitionerssss, via a Comprehensive System.
And, it will successfully inheritance the knowledge & skills to future generation.
Our opinion about knee pain.

WE believe in degeneration:

BUT, most of the knee pain is due to the muscular stiffness that causing wear & tear. Cartilage wear-off is just the SYMPTOMS of the process of wear & tear. Replenishing the cartilage/jab is not going to work without proper understanding of mechinism of injury.

BENPHYSIOTM offers career to all physios.

BENPHYSIOTM provides platform to unlease the potentials in you.

BENPHYSIOTM walks a different way to grow. We create solid system and automation in healthcare rehab.

But, the ultimate goal never changes; to train the on-par physiotherapists, to give the best & effective physiotherapy treatment to the community. (Credit to Shermin)
In order to maintain the core philosophy of BENPHYSIOTM, BENPHYSIOTM ACADEMY is established to train, testify, and audit our own physiotherapists, by founder, Ben and his senior team, from time to time.

BENPHYSIOTM had trade marked our brand, logo & intellectual properties. It's a new milestone of BENPHYSIOTM towards sharing our expertise in physiotherapy profession.

BENPHYSIOTM emphasizes Precised-Diagnosis, manual therapy, and patient education. Recurrence of injuries will much reduced when we know what is the mechanism of injury.

BENPHYSIOTM is not only a pain-centre. We treat you by diagnosing the root cause of your physical pain/disability in a context parallel to World Health Organization's (WHO) international classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF),  which include your physical, mental, social and environmental-health-related context.
BENPHYSIOTM defines physiotherapy as ''A medical profession, that is well-equipped with Anatomy, Kinesiology and Biomechanics, that fix any bodily-physical deviation from norm, as to optimize as possible, to minimize the bodily pain, via physical treatments.''

BENPHYSIOTM Has evolved. We no longer only provide rehabilitation. We also provide early detection, intervention, and preventive measures in finding potential body physical disorders for the better quality of life.

When there's no explanation for your pain, means, there's no solution for it. BENPHYSIOTM strives hard to find the root cause for every bodily pain.
Analysis, clinical reasoning & manual therapy are the core key in BENPHYSIO's practice. We listen to your complaints, we analyze your problems, we assess your problems, we link your problems, lastly, we treat your problems. We re-assess your problems before the session ends.

BENPHYSIOTM is a first-line practitioner in Malaysia. Where everyone can access BENPHYSIOTM without a doctor's referral letter. We diagnose your problem(s), we treat it accordingly. All colleagues are well-equipped with medical knowledge, under supervision of principal and senior physio, Ben.

What does physio do? Physio is a profession well-equipped with basic anatomy, biomechanics/kinesiology, critical-analyzing, and clinical-reasoning ability substantially. We analyze and rectify any deviation from norm, and fix it as possible as we can.

We do not treat MRI result; We treat your problem(s) and tell you where is the root cause which leads to the problem(s).

We do our utmost best to get you well from any physical disorders.

Do not give up on seeking treatment for pain, look for someone who willing to work together with you.
Ben Loo’s Profile
Graduated 2018 BSc Physiotherapy (UKM) Hons
Certified TTT, HRDF
Certified Manual Therapist, COMT, Curtin Australia
Founded Ben Physio & Rehab 2015
Converted Benphysio® sdn bhd 2018
Trademarked Benphysio® on 2018
Founded Benphysio® Academy 2018
Patented Benphysio® syllabus in 2022
Awarded British Encyclopedia Successful People 2021
Awarded Malaysia Excellent Entrepreneur Award 2022

Benphysio Group sdn bhd
B= biomechanic
E= effective
N= non conventional
15 years clinical expertise

USP= specialised in manual therapy
USP2= precised diagnosis for conditions

Motto: look for someone who willing to work with u, to achieve optimum recovery
There are so many type of treatment in the world. The MOST important, if we can get your problem precisely diagnosed?