About Us

To become the #No.1 Hands-Physiotherapy Chain In Malaysia.

To introduce a new spectrum of physiotherapy techniques and knowledge in Malaysia & Abroad.

WE believe in degeneration:

BUT, most of the knee pain is due to the muscular stiffness that causing wear & tear. Cartilage wear-off is just the SYMPTOMS of the process of wear & tear. Replenishing the cartilage/jab is not going to work without proper understanding of mechinism of injury.

Mr. Ben establishes Benphysio & Rehab as a Sole Proprietor Freelancer, marking the beginning of the journey.

The first physical centre is set up in TTDI, representing a significant milestone.

Benphysio Academy is officially registered to promote knowledge-sharing and education in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Benphysio evolves into Benphysio Sdn Bhd, becoming a full-fledged company. The BENPHYSIO brand is trademarked for identity and recognition.

Expansion and diversification occur with the management of four outlets in Oval Damansara, Puchong, Bangsar, and KL Ampang, serving a wider community.

Benphysio continues its mission of facilitating wellness and rehabilitation, touching lives through dedicated efforts.
Why you should choose Benphysio?

  • BENPHYSIO focuses on Precised-Diagnosis, manual therapy, and educating patients to reduce injuries.
  • BENPHYSIO is first-line practitioner in Malaysia; no doctor's referral is needed. We diagnose and treat problems. The team is guided by a knowledgeable principal and senior physio, Mr. Ben.
  • BENPHYSIO goes beyond pain treatment. We find the real reason for your physical pain/disability, considering your overall health and life. Not just rely on the MRI results.
  • A physio is skilled in anatomy, biomechanics, analyzing, and clinical reasoning. We identify and fix deviations from the norm.
  • We're dedicated to helping you recover from physical issues.
Ben Loo’s Profile
Graduated 2018 BSc Physiotherapy (UKM) Hons
Certified TTT, HRDF
Certified Manual Therapist, COMT, Curtin Australia
Founded Ben Physio & Rehab 2015
Converted Benphysio® sdn bhd 2018
Trademarked Benphysio® on 2018
Founded Benphysio® Academy 2018
Patented Benphysio® syllabus in 2022
Awarded British Encyclopedia Successful People 2021
Awarded Malaysia Excellent Entrepreneur Award 2022

Benphysio Group sdn bhd
B= biomechanic
E= effective
N= non conventional
15 years clinical expertise

USP= specialised in manual therapy
USP2= precised diagnosis for conditions

Motto: look for someone who willing to work with u, to achieve optimum recovery
There are so many type of treatment in the world. The MOST important, if we can get your problem precisely diagnosed?