Pregnancy Back Pain & Related Disorders

Pregnancy Back Pain & Related Disorders
Good news to potential/new mummies!!
You do not need to silent your pain during pregnancy period!!

Back pain is very very common at any point of your pregnancy, even though after delivery and during lactating period.
Prescription of medication is so limited to ease their discomfort.
Here, our manual therapy technique is safe and effective to be applied onto pregnant mother regardless any stages of pregnancy.
In addition, we use V6 vegetable oilment (Young Living), which is safe, harmless, fast absorption.
In addition, common discomfort during pregnancy / lactating includes
thoracic / upper body pain,
De Quarvain syndrome (thumb pain)
carpal tunnel syndrome (hand / fingers numbness).
BENPHYSIO & Rehab is able to provide physiotherapy services without causing harm to mother via manual therapy.


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