Sports Massage

Sports Massage
As part of comprehensive Rehabilitation Services, a Sports Massage prior to your games stretches your muscles for better performance. A Sports Massage session after games helps to improve the return of lactic acid into circulation for faster muscles recovery.

How often?
This will depend on why you are having treatment. The more you train, the more often sport massage is needed to support your body during training.

​After your first session ,we are able to provide clearer advice on when your next treatment should be. It is not advisable to have your first ever sport massage just before a competition.

Sports massage aims to boost your recovery after games / activities by releasing muscle tension.

​Sports massage does not correct or identify your root cause of injuries, whilst physiotherapist does.

When Should I get Sports Massage?
You can consult us for sports massage before and after your events or whenever you want for better muscles firing and flexibility.

Pre-race (before) sport massage will stimulate your muscles whereas the post-race (after) sport massage is more of a cool-down/recovery massage both are beneficial. This all depends on the demands of your training intensity and etc.

Why is Sports Massage important?
One of the reasons to get a sports massage is to help your muscles, tendons and joints move through their proper range of motion and stay in optimum shape. Many injuries are brought about by over straining tight muscles resulting in muscle tear with pain and inflammation.

Who Can Join ?
Runner & Hash
Gym & Work up Player
Ballet & Dancer
Martial Artist
Tennis Player
Ultimate Frisbee Player
Badminton Player

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