Home Visit / House Call Service

Home Visit / House Call Service
During Covid Pandemic,
Many patients are unable to come to contre for their Essential Physiotherapy Treatment.

Hence, we are REACHING to you!!!
Hence, we are REACHING to you!!!
Hence, we are REACHING to you!!!

This home service ONLY available during this pandemic.

Our Physio Fees: (during Pandemic ONLY)

RM180 (<10km)
RM200 (10km-20km)
RM220 (20km, depends availability)

Why Benphysio:

1. Essential Physio Treatment is ongoing
2. Vaccinated Physio
3. Affordable Price range (during pandemic)
4. At your comfort zone

Conditions that requires Home Visit / House Call:

Neurological Rehab (Stroke / Parkinson/TBI)
Musculoskeletal Rehab
Migraine / Headache / Ringing Ears
Acute Low Back Pain
Acute Neck Pain / Wry Neck
Acute Knee Pain
Post Op (THR, TKR, Implant, etc)

Other services:

TelePhysio for Covid Rehab
TelePhysio for Post Natal
TelePhysio for Musculoskeletal Rehab
TelePhysio for Parkinson (Exercise & movement)

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