Men's Health

Men's Health
Here are some common Men’s Health related problems:
  • Prostate problem
  • Pelvic floor muscles weakness
  • Pudendal neuralgia
  1. Prostate problem

The prostate is a gland roughly the size of a walnut.
It is located directly below the bladder and
it is an important part of the reproductive system.

The causes are still unknown regarding prostate enlargement,
but it is believed mainly due to
hormonal changes as a man age.

This is common in men after 50 years old.
It can cause slowness, obstruction or even incomplete bladder emptying.
After consultation with the urologist,
they may recommend a prostate removal, also known as

After prostate surgery, it may lead to incontinence.
The severity of the incontinence may vary:
  • Mild leakage (few drops when exercising)
  • Severe (Bladder not storing urine at all)
Therefore, post prostatectomy,
it is important to visit a physiotherapist for follow-up
to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles!

After some history taking and assessment,
the physiotherapist will teach you on how to manage
and what exercises that should be done.

ps: pelvic floor muscles weakness happen in everyone, not only women!!!

credit to our Senior Physiotherapist, Chan Ee Kenn


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