Metatarsalgia (Fore Foot Pain)

Metatarsalgia (Fore Foot Pain)

Fore foot pain is
very common.
But many patients never get the best treatment.

Because everyone is still treating the pain area.
Besides, fore foot pain does not have the pain starts from fore foot.

Fore foot pain commonly happen at the 
1st, 2nd or 3rd toes

We call it Metatarsalgia.
Metatarsal is the bone's name.

- gia means disorders, got problem.

It could be very painful until someone has to give up to walk.
Especially when the pain leg is
in contact with the floor.
Or when
landing on toes
during jumping / leaping.

You are lucky if your pain manifest at bottom of foot.
Typically, pain appears at Top of The Feet.
Sometime can be coldness.

Could be numbness, tingling over the 1st, 2nd, 3rd toes.
Sometimes, swelling along the metatarsal can be seen.

Another clue,
thickened skin / wart
can be seen near the pain area.
High heel shoes can be one of the crucial factor.

BenphysioTM knows the mechanism of Metatarsalsia.
So we know well
how to treat it.

It is due to stiff deep calf muscle, soleus.
Leads to toes muscles
has to overwork
to lift the toes to clear the floor in gait.

This causes repetitive landing on the extended toes
causing repetitive wear & tear on the joint capsule.
Formation of
scars on capsule explains the Pain.


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