HEALTHMATE Postura Pillow RM195.00


HEALTHMATE Postura Pillow RM195.00

RM 180.00


Healthmate Postura Pillow: Special Designed to help relieve discomfort in your head, neck and shoulders.


Fabric Scissors   


High Density Polyurethane Foam by BASF, Germany.

We have chosen the material, for a few solid reasons:-

1) Breathable Material

2) Great Resilience for Ultimate Neck Support

3) Trusted World Class Supplier - BASF from Germany

4) Sourced only the safe and harmless materials

Editorial Design 


Postura Pillow - a combined effort by Pillow Engineer
and Medical Practitioners in Malaysia. We work with the best
to make sure the pillow suits the neck contour
and ergonomically comfortable.



Unlike many other commercially sold Memory Foam Pillow.
Postura Pillow is made with highly breathable material.
It does not absorb your heat when you sleep.
Especially sleeping under Fan or warm condition.
Our pillow will allow you to have a great sleep!


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